If you want to know to best and easiest way to mount a horse, here’s the top 5 techniques.

1. The first thing to know when mounting a horse is to only put your toe in the stirrup. Don’t get in the bad habit of sliding your foot all the way to the heel of your boot. This can be dangerous if the horse spooks.

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2. Firstly, stand by the horse’s left shoulder facing his hip. Your left hand will be holding the reins and a chunk of mane. Then grab the stirrup with your right hand and turn it towards you. After that, insert your toe.

3. Don’t grab the horn before you rise up to mount the horse. Instead, grab the far side of the saddle forks.

4. Keep your body against the horse the entire time. Allow your left knee to go towards the horse’s shoulder as you take a few hops towards the hip. As a result, your body will stay in closer to your horse’s body as you mount the horse.

5. As you take the last hop and rise up to swing your right leg over, keep weight on your right arm (which should be resting on the right saddle fork) to help center you over the horse’s back. If the horse begins to walk off, raise your left hand to encourage him not to move. Then, bend your right leg at the knee as it comes over the cantle.

How To Mount A Horse | The Summary (Plus More Tips)

Lot’s of people try to mount a horse without using these techniques and that’s why they have so much trouble.

Even if you’re using a mounting block, you should still apply these steps because it’ll make it a lot easier on you when you go to mount a horse.

One more technique that I’d like to mention is modifying your stirrups to be more comfortable and more practical.

This one tip alone can make all the difference in the world when it comes to comfort!

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Carson James

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