Solving Horse Problems

I spend a lot of time helping people solve horse problems. Some of the most common are buddy sour, speeding up, slowing down, bucking, bolting, head tossing, and spooky, but

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The Value Of An Extended Trot

Too many horses miss out on the amazing value of an extended trot.  There’s something almost magical about trotting fast on a loose rein with the rider’s hands forward, wide, and

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Rider Mentality

A rider’s mentality can have a profound effect on their horse’s overall movement and behavior. The Sensitive Horse Because of his size, it’s easy to forget that a horse is an ultra

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Trust Your Horse

There’s a lot said about our horse trusting us, but not much about us trusting our horse. But your horse needs you to trust him.  Roadblocks To Trusting Your Horse Many people

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shoulder-hip-blog copy

Shoulders And Hips

Shoulder and hip control are a crucial part of the foundation that should be built into every horse. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a performance rider or a trail rider

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Release The Tension

A horse will never be light and responsive until the tension in his body is released. As your horsemanship improves, you should be able to feel when the horse is

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Standing Still

Never neglect to perfect the art of standing still. It is vitally important that your horse can shut down and stand in one spot without any random or self-imposed movement. The

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